Services We Provide Using Truck Mounted Steam


Benefits of Using Our Services


  • Carpet and Area Rugs, including wool.
  • Upholstery including mattresses and outdoor furniture.  
  • Car interiors & RVs.
  • Tile & grout, including  kitchens and bathrooms, 
  • Dryer vents.

Our truck mounted steam cleaning method does a deeper cleaning, is safe for all types of carpet and upholstery, best of all - NO residue! Saves you money by not having to clean as often.We use natural plant-based products that are environmentally safe for your family and won't irritate allergies.

  • Friendly, courteous service you can trust! 
  • Superior products to clean & sanitize
  • Natural plant-based products that will not irritate allergies!
  • Anti-allergens & Green products available.
  • ZERO residue! Your carpets will stay clean longer. No particles to attract soil. ​
  • Protect your family with a healthier living environment.​
  • Residential & Commercial Spaces
  • Truck Mounted Steam Extraction
  • Recommended system by carpet manufacturers, safely cleans all types of carpet.
  • True deep clean  (not just the surface, as some other methods). 
  • Heat ex-changer, heats the water to 220-240  degrees. 
  • Dissolves dirt, grime and pollutants
  • Sanitizes to remove germs & bacteria
  • We help with pet stains and odors



There is a difference between using low-grade products and cheap 

equipment to do a "cheap" job. Don't waste time or money on machines 

that cannot do the job correctly.

We use only quality products from a top manufacturer to ensure a better 

quality of service, by using truck mounted steam equipment, for carpet and rug cleaning.

​Using a truck mounted steam extraction system ensures a deeper 

carpet cleaning..  We heat the water to 220-240 degrees to dissolve dirt and 

grime with 

the added benefit of sanitizing to remove germs and bacteria.

We extract up to 90% of soil and moisture from the carpet, this allows

for a quicker drying time. Anti-allergens and green products, are safe 

for the environment and safe for your family and pets.  

We use non-detergent products that will not leave any type of residue, 

and won't irritate allergies!


We offer Scotch Guard Protector to make it easier to wipe up spills, 

keep carpets and upholstery beautiful, and give added protection 

between cleanings.  




"Carpets amazingly clean. Thank you for making appointment on short notice."

Terry H.
"Thank you for such a fine job- we will recommend you to our friends."   Tesa S.

"Dependable service - good to trust people in house."        Jan T.

New Client Special

Save even more when you combine any of our services! Extra $20 off our great deals of carpet cleaning, area rugs, upholstery, tile & dryer vent cleaning.  

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Now cleaning dryer vents!

Getting out lint and debris from a dryer vent can be difficult to reach. We can help clean out your dryer vent and get the air flowing better again! 

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?


This will depend on how busy your home is. Waiting too long can cause damage to fibers and permanent staining. Vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis is an essential component

of keeping your floors well maintained. 

To maintain and prolong the life of your carpets, it's best to clean on a regular basis. 

Twice a year is recommended when there is more activity in the home and more 

daily wear from kids and pets. 

Once a year if you less traffic and you take off your shoes. 

We offer discounts to clean just the high traffic areas that are dirtier and not the whole room, to help maintain and keep high-traffic areas in good condition.     

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